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Please add 'Clock In / Out' to actions for StaffHub Connector in Flow

Use Case:

Company provides centralized clock in / out device for on-site first line workers.

-Setup a centralized, on-site tablet and connect a smart button to that tablet.
-Create a powerapp that shows the images and names of employees.

1. Employees comes to work
2. Employees go to time-tracking tablet and selects themselves
3. Employees click on smart button to clock in
4. Employees use smart button to take breaks
5. Employees use smart button to clock out

Everything is in place for this except that there is no action available for clocking in and out. This would provide ultimate assurance to an employer that time reporting is accurate. Further it removes the need for the employee to have their own smart phone.

If StaffHub adds a web-based clock in / out feature then this may become moot.

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  • Doug Balson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    we have an existing clocking system used by employees to swipe in/out. It would be great if an API existed to import the clocking system data so they would have scheduled versus actual time report.

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