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Request and approve time off in Microsoft StaffHub

Employees use the Microsoft StaffHub mobile app to request time off. Managers approve or deny these requests through the StaffHub mobile or web app. Once approved, time off will be blocked out on the schedule automatically. Managers can also block out the time manually.

Request time off (employee)

Do the following if you're an employee requesting time off:

  1. Open the StaffHub mobile app.

  2. Select the Requests tab.

  3. Tap + > Request time off.

  4. Choose the reason for the time off (such as vacation or sick day)

  5. Enter the date(s) you will be off and any optional notes.

  6. Tap Send Request.

  7. On the confirmation page, view the progress of the request and whether it was approved or denied by your manager. Once your manager approves or denies the request, the page will update automatically and the time off will show up in the schedule.

Assign time off (manager)

  1. Log in to Microsoft StaffHub.

  2. Select Schedule to open the Schedule page.

  3. Select the shift you want to edit > More button on Microsoft ShiftHub scheduling page > Add time off.

    Add time off option on Microsoft ShiftHub scheduling page

  4. Select the start and end dates.

  5. Select a reason for the time off. (You can customize the reasons on the Team Settings page.)

  6. Optionally, you can assign a color or add notes to the assigned time off.

  7. Select Save and the schedule will be updated.

Approve or deny time off from the mobile app (manager)

  1. Open the StaffHub mobile app > Requests.

  2. Tap the time off request that needs to be reviewed.

  3. Click Approve or Deny to respond to the request.

  4. Send an optional message with the response.

Approve or Deny time off from the web app (manager)

  1. Log in to StaffHub.

  2. On the Schedule page, select any time off request. Requests are indicated by a yellow box.

  3. Enter an optional message and then select Approve or Deny.

  4. Once approved, the time off will be added to the schedule automatically.

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